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Teng Tools quality, durabilitity, Swedish design.

“Teng Tools have a matt finish so you don’t lose your grip on them”

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Get Organised with Teng

Not everyone’s job is the same, that’s why not every Teng Tools storage unit is the same.

In fact you can choose the perfect storage system for your specific needs from a huge range including 107 tool trays, 8 roller cabinets and 10 tool boxes.

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Each and every of our over 120 different tool storage units offer increased organization of your tools for a more efficient work experience.

Our tool cabinets and boxes are designed with the highest quality in mind, but the real quality experience begins when you start filling them with Teng Tools.

All of our tools come packaged in units designed to interlock with each other, allowing you to fill tool trays as you like.

No space is wasted and once you’ve got everything where you want it, you’ll never waste time looking for a tool again. In fact, you’d almost be able to work in the dark once you get to know your unique system.

Regardless of size or number of pieces Teng Tools storage systems are certain to get you organized. Even your socket sizes are marked in their packaging for ease of identification.

To make it even easier, Teng Tools have also put together a range of complete starter kits and pre-built technician tool kits for most regular applications.

Check out our interactive Click & Fill page to experience what you can do with Teng on your side.


For Apprentices Only

When it comes to buying the toolkit that is going to set you up for your exciting new career as an apprentice, you need to make sure you set yourself up with a solution that is going to see you right for years to come.

Apprentices Catalogue
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When you choose Teng Tools you are choosing a partner that won’t let you down.

That’s because our guaranteed tools and their unique Tool Control System do more than just get the job done, they help to improve workflow by creating a more organised and efficient workshop with smoother performance.

With Teng on your side, you’ll save money and time by eliminating the hassle of searching for misplaced tools.

Our clients range from major industry leaders to respected vehicle manufacturers, to the top names in racing and even your next-door neighbour with the great garage.

We offer a worldwide distribution network to accommodate large or small orders with fast service, competitive prices and optimal quality.

Check out our 50 best selling products here, or browse our entire range of 4,500 products.

With the help of Teng Tools your new career just got off on the right foot.


The biggest kit for the Big Tradie

Looking for a quality tool kit that delivers quality and quantity?

Introducing Teng Tools comprehensive tool set with 1,055 pieces.

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Not only has this toolkit got everything you are ever likely to need, with this many pieces it also has Teng Tools intelligent storage system, so you’ll be able to quickly find the piece you want when you want it!

Wasting time looking for tools is always frustrating, but when you are serious about looking for a toolkit with over 1,000 pieces, you have to get serious about Teng.

And it’s not only about quantity.

Teng Tools are designed so that you don’t lose your grip on them (which is always a downside of working with shiny US designed tools).

That’s not the only hallmark of quality.

We are consistently looking to improve the standard of our tools and we continue to anticipate new user needs by working closely with professional users and applying their feedback to the development of new and even better tools and toolsets.

Only Teng Tools offers Swedish design and dependability of Taiwanese production at costs competitive enough to please price conscious professional users all over the world.

That’s why in this case, the biggest tool kit is also the best.

Find out where you can pick up a Tent Tools 1,055 piece kit today.

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